Code report - Day 22 of "#100Daysofcode"

Summary of activities on 27/7/2022. Created checkout backend and wrote new blog post.

Introducing Code report

Welcome to my blog,

I've recently created a new method of keeping myself accountable, I call it code report. Whenever I make a #100Daysofcode post on twitter, it will be followed with a short summary of my programming related activities that day on my blog. Whilst I am a fan of the word limit on twitter, it can prevent me from fully communicating all I did that day to all who are interested. This new section, is my way of addressing that. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to your feedback.


Those who follow me know that I have been placed in charge of pushing the company TEC also known as tecpastryworld, to the internet. My first order of business hence was to commence work on building their website. After a few weeks of code, we have done the following :- created the Navigation bar (responsive), created the product card, created the categories page, created the cart system and created the backend to accompany all the changes listed.

You can find the code for the frontend of the site here, and you can find the code for the backend here.

Today, the changes made to the site are as follows.

  1. I created a system to verify the price sent by the client during the order process. - This was to prevent someone from potentially placing an order with a price not generated by the server.
  2. I created a system to place order data into the order database.
  3. I created a system to extract the products ordered from the order data and place them in a separate database.

image-of-order-api That concludes my changes to TEC.


I noticed that one of my previous posts which is about building-a-navbar, did not contain a responsive navbar. To correct that I decided to write another post called how to build a responsive navbar. I hope you enjoy, I will link it Be sure to read if you need something like that, and tell me what you think.

That concludes my programming related activities for the day. Now your all caught up.

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