Projects but for profit

image of Masterpiece

Masterpiece is a Nigerian company that focuses on producing and providing the best quality products and resources.

image of Mayworks

Mayworks was found in 2014 for the sole purpose of exporting minerals from Nigeria to other countries in the world.

image of O.C. Hexagon
O.C. Hexagon

O.C. HEXAGON NIGERIA LIMITED was incorporated in the year 1995 for the purpose of importation, marketing and processing industrial chemicals, equipment and laboratory items.

image of RexApp AutoMobile
RexApp AutoMobile

RexApp is a web application designed to provide users with essential functionality for user authentication, browsing automobile spare parts catalog, handling transactions, and more.

image of UACEF

The United Akokwa Christian Elites Forum is a non-denominational forum with a noble mission - spreading the gospel, helping the needy, blessing the poor, and bringing smiles to the faces of our countrymen.

image of Zero Cancer
Zero Cancer

This is a product landing page for the Zero Cancer initiative, which aims to raise awareness about cervical cancer prevention and early detection.